When I last wrote, my husband Alan and I were setting out for our annual anniversary trek, this year to Norway. I’m happy to report we made it and have returned. This 37th anniversary found us 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle on the Lofotan Islands of Norway. Our traditional rigorous hike was beautiful, up a remote rocky path overlooking the sea with a wicked wind whipping at our faces. I slipped in the mud, Alan shot pictures, and we looked out on beautiful glacial valleys and isolated farms. Here are a few snapshots. If I look cold, I wasn’t. I was freezing. I guess that’s why they call it the Arctic Circle and not The Bahamas.

Lin Oliver Norway Trip 4

Lin Oliver Norway Trip 2

Lin Oliver Norway Trip 3

Lin Oliver Norway Trip 1


Twice As Nice coverThe last volume of my Almost Identical series was released on July 11 and is currently available at bookstores and online. Called Twice as Nice, it concludes the story of Sammie and Charlie Diamond, twin twelve year old girls who go through the struggles so many kids in seventh grade experience---finding new friends, dealing with peer pressure, trying to figure out who you are at the core. The plot centers on a cyber-bullying episode, something many kids are having to deal with. I hated to say goodbye to Sammie and Charlie, but they’re growing up nicely and don’t need me anymore.