ALMOST IDENTICAL is a four book series about seventh-graders Sammie and Charlie Diamond, identical twin sisters, tennis partners and best friends since birth. As they move to a new middle school and a new home at a California beach club, the girls surprise everyone with how not-so-identical they really are. Their once close relationship is practically torn apart as they search to establish their own sets of friends, activities and interests—and follow the path to their own individual identities. Narrated by both Sammie and Charlie, ALMOST IDENTICAL is at once funny, realistic and relevant.


“An enjoyable and emotionally honest story of social pressures and learning to be comfortable in one’s own skin. A thoughtful coming-of-age tale.”— Publishers Weekly

“An excellent book for teenage girls. The conflicts and resolutions are jaw dropping and will keep you up at night.” — Teen Ink

Book #1

Book #2

Book #3

Book #4