Meet Leo Lomax. He’s not like you. In fact, he’s not like anyone else in the world. That’s because Leo is a SOUND BENDER. When he touches an object, he can hear its past. His eerie and amazing power draws Leo into adventures full of fright and excitement and danger. Young adventure and science fiction fans will follow Leo’s escapades and enter his world in the two SOUND BENDER novels, written to thrill you so much you can’t put them down until you’ve reached the end.  Click Here to check out Sound Bender World


“A far-out, face-paced tale.” — The Horn Book

“An extraordinary and captivating story.” — Looking Glass Review

“A mind-bending adventure that will make you think in a whole new way about the sounds around you, and the stories that ordinary objects can tell.” — Margaret Peterson Haddix

Book #1

Book #2